About Konoha

Many projects on Starknet will need the same functionality: DAO-like governance, upgrades, token vesting, staking and airdrops, treasury management, etc. On Ethereum, they can use adapt open-source solutions such as Compound Governance. No such solution currently exists for Starknet (with the noble exception of Ekubo governance).

Originally, it was a rewrite of Carmine Governance contracts to Cairo 1.0, while also making them generic and useful for the rest of the community.

Currently, this is being developed mainly with community-wide use in mind.

Who is Konoha for

If you're a project on Starknet looking to do any of:

  • decentralize and be governed by your tokenholders
  • govern a treasury
  • distribute rewards or protocol token
  • support staking of your protocol token

Please reach out to us a https://t.me/konoha_dev and share more on your specific usecase. The sooner you do, the higher the chance that we'll be able to build for your usecase specifically.